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Category: Christmas Parties

mcinturff center photo booth

If you want to have some major fun at your Chrismas party, invite a TON of awesome people from UMC.  We had the pleasure of being a part of the UMC holiday party at the Mcinturff Center, and I’m pretty sure it’s official…people in scrubs DO have more fun!!  We had nurses, doctors, staff and all kinds of super cool people that keep us alive and healthy every day.  And as you can see, they have fun doing it…I mean these people were all smiles and laughs, what more could you ask for?!  Needless to say, if you’re having a big corporate event or party, you gotta have a 4 Frames Photo Booth…look how much fun these people are having.

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awesome props in photobooth

Some of our Christmas presents (posts) †for this year got lost in the back of the closet for a little while, but Christmas presents are always fun right!?  Better late then never!!!  This awesome Christmas shindig was held by none other than the awesomely fun people at Texas Tech Rawls College of Business.  I have to say, their faculty and staff not only knows how to have a great party, but they sure know how to rock a 4 Frames Photobooth.  If you’re a Texas Tech alum like me, you might even see one of your old business professors.  :)

Gotta love when people are getting creative and jumpin around in the photobooth!

Mr. Delgadillo was an awesome ISQS teacher when I was at Tech, and as you can see he is super fun too!  I wonder if he’d approve of our super cool new website?  What do you think Mr. Delgadillo???

Check out that Raider Red stylin hat…lots of people were showing off their pride for Texas Tech!

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  1. denise johnson Sep 26th 11:32

    Oh! They are so cute in those photos. It is pretty obvious that they really had fun and enjoyed the photo shoot. But I especially love those two girls playing with the moustache. It is really cool.


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