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4 Frames Photo Booths is the West Texas leader in premium, digital Photo Booths. Our photobooths provide the highest quality photos around, in order to best capture your guests’ creative, candid moments, that you might have missed otherwise at your event. Our upscale Photo Booths provide the classic nostalgia of old-time Photo Booths with the speed and advancements of modern technology.

Proudly based in Lubbock, Texas, our Photo Booths were custom designed and built from the ground up by professional wedding photographers. Knowing the industry firsthand, we built our booths by focusing on what we believe are our distinct advantages:

With high-end technology used by professional photographers and photography labs, our photo booths are unparalleled in West Texas.

4 Frames Photo Booths delivers high class photo booths that are perfect for any event. Whether you’re planning the wedding of your dreams or a corporate black tie affair, nothing will make your event as memorable as our upscale Photo Booths.  With two Photo Booth styles to choose from, you can find the Photo Booth that fits your event perfectly! Our Classic Photo Booths are super wide and are some of the biggest in the COUNTRY!!! With classic curtains and the nostalgia of old-time Photo Booths, this Booth is sure to be a major hit!  The large exterior screen makes everyone outside the Booth eager to jump in and join the action. Our modern Photo Booths are open air Photo Booths and allow you to use your whole body and pack as many people as possible into each picture. The touchscreen options also allow you to choose color or black-and-white prints! Of course, nothing excites guests more than getting their high-quality prints right on the spot. We even customize graphics right on the prints and include company logos, wedding dates, or corporate coupons.  To check out more about our different booths click here!

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