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Four Frames Photobooths are a modern spin on the classic memory making photobooths you know and love, making them the must-have addition for any wedding reception, prom, or business party. Our photobooths were custom designed and built from the ground up by professional wedding photographers. Let’s be honest, not all photobooths are created equal! The size of photobooths and the quality of their prints range widely from company to company. One of the most important things to remember when you’re renting a photobooth is it’s all about the photos! As photographers ourselves and photo-lovers at heart, we designed our photobooths from day one to deliver the richest, most professional-grade prints in a matter of seconds.

Lubbock photobooth

Another awesome feature of our photobooths is their SIZE! What fun is a photobooth that only fits two heads in the picture!? Our spacious photobooths allow you to fit 3 or 4 friends in our classic photobooth, or even 15 of your sorority sisters or office buddies in our modern photobooth. Both are designed with studio lighting that will make anyone look fabulous, enough room for ALL your friends to jump in and on site printing of all the photos taken! There is no limit to the amount of times you can hop in the photobooth so you can try to out-do yourself and your friends every time! And with two photobooth styles to choose from, you can choose the photobooth that fits your event perfectly!

If you like the nostalgia of throwing a few of your closest friends in the photobooth, closing the curtain and laughing up a storm…check out our Classic photobooth. Our Classic photobooths are super wide and some of the biggest in the COUNTRY!!! Forget stuffing two people in a tiny box when you can fit 3 or 4 comfortably in this awesome photobooth. We designed our Classic photobooth to be spacious enough for just about anything your creativity could inspire. Whether it’s an awesome solo shot, a cute picture with that special someone or a cattle herd of 9 crazy friends, our Classic photobooth is plenty spacious for the most energetic of groups. For the icing on the cake, it has a GIANT 19 inch exterior monitor that will captivate and excite your guests.



Lubbock photobooth

Our modern photobooths are open air photobooths and allow you to use your whole body in pictures. Plus you can pack as many people as possible into each picture! This photobooth is perfect for graduation parties, greek events, business holiday parties or any event where you have tons of people ready to have fun. The Modern photobooth is controlled by your guests via the built in touchscreen; it then fires four pictures automatically, allowing the subjects to do whatever they’d like in the photobooth from mild to wild. The touchscreen options also allow you to choose color or black-and-white prints! Of course, nothing excites guests more than getting their high-quality prints right on the spot. We even customize graphics on the side of the prints and include company logos, wedding dates, or corporate coupons.