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Awesome layout with BIG pictures! While some companies stuff two “copies” of a photobooth session on one print, making the pictures extra small, our clients want their pictures BIG and awesome…thus our signature layout prints your 4 Frames as big as possible. If you want even more fun, our Modern photobooth also allows guests to choose from full color or black and white prints right away!

Quality AND Quantity: Have you seen those photobooths that print grainy, low-resolution photos on cheap paper that may smudge or easily tear? Don’t sacrifice quality for your special event! With Four Frames Photobooths, we’ve designed our photobooths to take advantage of modern technology and use studio quality equipment that will produce stunning pictures every time. In fact, our photobooths use the highest quality archival paper and professional inks, assuring your guests memories will last a lifetime! To top it off, our photobooths print your pictures out lightning fast so you can take advantage of our NO LIMIT rentals.

Unique. Personalized. Because the photos from your event will literally be one of a kind, we’ll work with you to create a custom personalized graphic that will appear on the side of every photo. We customize the text, colors, design, and graphics to match your event and theme, so your guests will never forget the big day. Whether it’s a classy black and white affair, or a hot pink and lime green southern wedding, we’re happy to accommodate.